Lent 2015 – Lectionary + Poetry

For those of you following along with us through the sacred calendar of the year, for each Sunday during Lent this year in our worship we paired one of the lectionary texts with one poem from the collection Twenty Poems to Nourish Your Soul . It was fascinating to notice the points of resonance between scripture and poetry, and to walk that thin line between poetry and prayer. Here is a list of the Lent 2015 pairings:

First Sunday in Lent: Mark 1:9-15 & The Summer Day,” by Mary Oliver

Second Sunday in Lent: Mark 8:31-38 & “The Layers,” by Stanley Kunitz

Third Sunday in Lent: Psalm 19 & “The Greatest Grandeur,” by Pattiann Rogers

Fourth Sunday in Lent: Ephesians 2:1-10 & “Alive Together,” by Lisel Mueller

Fifth Sunday in Lent: Jeremiah 31:31-34 & “What the Living Do,” by Marie Howe

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