Monthly Archives: July 2015

“Consider the Birds”

Join us this Sunday, July 26 as we embark on our 2015 summer study series on the Birds of the Bible, and on birding–at whatever level–as a spiritual practice.

We’ll be working in collaboration with Craig Zondag, from the Otter Creek Audubon Society, who will be joining us on 7/26, 8/9, and 8/23.

All are welcome–worship at 10am.

Here’s the book we’ll be studying together (copies have been ordered to the Vermont Book Shop)

consider the birds book


“Holy Reading of Hymns” worship, @ Cornwall 7/19 9:30am

Join us this Sunday as we travel to worship with our friends at the First Congregational Church of Cornwall, 9:30am.

We will be continuing this week with the theme of “Holy Reading of Hymns”–this week: hymns about the Holy Spirit!

A preview: one hymn will be sung to the classic folk tune BEACH SPRING from the Sacred Harp, shape note tradition…