Monthly Archives: March 2016

Join us for Easter! Worship — 9am

Easter Celebration 2016: Worship, 9am; Pancake Breakfast, 7am

“Then he [Peter] returned home, wondering about what had happened.” –Luke 24: 12


“Shimmering Substance,” Jackson Pollock (1946)

Maundy Thursday, Tenebrae Service — 6pm

Join us tonight at the Weybridge Church for a Maundy Thursday service with our friends from the Cornwall Church. 6pm, beginning with a light meal, and concluding with a service of Tenebrae.

“The God of love is kneeling at our feet./ Though we betray Him, though it is night/ He meets us here and loves us into light.” “Maundy Thursday,” by Malcom Guite

last supper

“Last Supper,” painting by Ivan Guaderrama