Monthly Archives: April 2020

Earth Day at 50 – Worship & Prayer

Today we honor the 50th anniversary of Earth Day with a special earth-themed April 26 – at-home worship.  You can view Rev. Daniel Cooperrider’s reading and reflections on Psalm 19 here:


At-home worship and Zoom Fellowship & Prayer, 4/19/20

We would love to worship with you today! Here’s our at-home worship offering. April 19 – at-home worship. And here’s a link to join us live at our 10:30 Zoom Fellowship & Prayer gathering. Eastertide blessings and peace to you.

Easter at-home Worship & Zoom Fellowship

Easter greetings of resurrection and new life!

April 12 – Easter at-home worship for this year’s at-home Easter worship, including video recordings of the sermon, scripture reading, and hymns.

Join us “live” on Easter for our 10:30am Zoom Fellowship and Prayer Hour.

“Resurrection,” by Alma Thomas (1966)

Easter Egg Hunt – “Signs of Spring” Edition – April 2020

This year we find ourselves in the spirit of trying new things and so here’s an invitation: a physically distant/ socially connected 2020 Signs of Spring Easter Egg Hunt Here’s how it works. Over the next week+, between now and the Sunday after Easter (April 19th), explore the world and collect as many “eggs” as you’re able. An “egg” is equivalent to one check-mark in the menu attached. This is a friendly competition, and we look forward to checking in at our Zoom Fellowship Hour on April 19th, starting at 10:30am, and comparing how many “eggs’ we each find.

Holy Week & Pink Moon blessings to you, & happy “hunting”! – Daniel

At-home Worship & Zoom Fellowship Hour, 4/5/2020

Spring peeper season greetings. Please consider joining us for our at-home worship at 9:45am (or whenever else during the day/week works for you), followed by our live Zoom Fellowship Hour at 10:30. Invitation is in the bulletin April 5 – at-home worship.