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From our Pastor

Hello, Weybridge Church!

Last Sunday, we reflected on the ways that our God is a God of abundance and extravagance, symbolized by the story of Jesus turning water into wine. Not only are we invited to the feast that God lays for us, but we also receive gifts from the Holy Spirit to be used for the common good. We remembered some of the teaching of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a man of faith and theologian, who fought to end the scourge of white supremacy that systematically stripped dignity and even life away from Black Americans.

This week we continue in the season of Epiphany, following the beginning of Jesus’ ministry as told in the gospel of Luke. We will begin to see how the Good News was, and still is, difficult and controversial for those unwilling to release hierarchies and end exploitative power. We will continue to read Paul’s instruction to the Corinthian church on how to “be” church, using one of my favorite images in scripture: the church as the body of Christ.

In the winter, especially as I experience my first Vermont winter, I try to use the quiet and slowness that comes with the season to pay attention and bring presence to my surroundings. This poem, “Miracles” by Walt Whitman, resonated with that practice and I hope that it might for some of you, too.



A Reminder of Redemption

Our season of Epiphany is framed by three big moments in the gospels, each of which invite us into the mystery, solidarity, and “showing out” of Jesus as Emmanuel, God-with-us. These moments invite us to explore our own calls to join Jesus’ ministry in our world. We started last week by looking at the visit of the Magi, remembering that the news of Emmanuel, a new shepherd-king, was and is for more than just one people group, in one place, in one time. This week we celebrate the story of the baptism of Jesus and we will remember the ongoing work of baptism in our own lives. Next week we will attend a wedding at Cana at which Jesus was a guest.