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One Great Hour of Sharing April 3

One Great Hour of Sharing 

The annual offering for One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) will take place on Sunday, April 3.  Mission will speak about OGHS on the Sunday, March 27 but, in the meantime, here is a link to help us understand the way the UCC, through this fund, assists people in crisis worldwide.  Over 55% of this offering supports development initiatives on an international level and approximately 45%  supports the resettlement of refugees, response to disasters and more.  5% is used for interpretation materials. You can read about this and more at:

Transforming Encounter

Exodus 34:29-35 Luke 9:28-36

Today is the last Sunday in the season of Epiphany, a season in which we have moved through the early ministry of Jesus, as he laid the foundation for his ministry. The major theme of Jesus’ teaching has been a gospel message with two sides of the same coin. Jesus brings comfort to the comfort-less, healing to those who hurt and ache, and plenty to those who are forced to go without. At the same time, Jesus brings down the haughty, rebukes those who hoard without filling the need of their neighbor, and preaches woe to those who do not repent of complicity with worldly power and oppression. Today, on Transfiguration Sunday, our scripture readings extend us an invitation to explore how a mysterious, glorious sign adds to our understanding of Jesus’ work in and through us.

There are three key elements from these two readings that will be our focus: prayer, presence, and power. (Read more.

From Pastor Caryne

From Caryne February 25, 2022

Hello, Weybridge Church!

I hope that you all are able to take advantage of the snow as yet another opportunity for winter activities, whether that is something outdoors or marveling at the beauty from indoor warmth.

I am looking forward to being back with you for worship this Sunday when we will mark Transfiguration, the final Sunday in the Epiphany season. We will hear about a mysterious, transcendent interaction on a mountaintop that the writer of Luke shows us in order to give us special insight into Jesus’ ministry and purpose.

This coming Wednesday, March 2nd, is Ash Wednesday. I invite you all to join me at 5.30pm on Wednesday evening for a service to begin our Lenten journey. We will receive a mark of ashes and begin to think about our theme for the season, “Full to the Brim,” and what that means for us as individuals and as Weybridge Church. Throughout Lent, we will be exploring how God’s abundant love and grace, not shame or penitence, form the foundation for repentance, right relationship, and being our truest selves.

To help guide us through the season of Lent, we have a few different offerings. One is a weekly devotional guide available in PDF form or a printed copy that I can generate. Each week includes a poem, some scripture commentary, and two pieces of visual art with a commentary. If you are interested in receiving the devotional, email me ( with which format you prefer (PDF or hard copy) and I will have it ready for you by Ash Wednesday. Second, I will be leading two Lenten worship services at 5.30pm on two Wednesday nights: 3/16 and 3/30. The service will consist of meditative Taizé-style singing and prayer, and will not last longer than half an hour. For those who enjoy this kind of worship and others interested in trying it out, I look forward to seeing you there.

Before Ash Wednesday and Lent, though, is Mardi Gras! I lived in New Orleans for a little over a year before I moved to New Haven, CT, and the season leading up to Mardi Gras was full of radical hospitality, creativity (New Orleanians will work on their costumes for the parades for a year beforehand), and celebration. If you’d like some help getting into the mood on Tuesday, here’s a live recorded video of the Preservation Hall Jazz Band playing “Go to the Mardi Gras.”