Welcome to the website of the Weybridge Congregational Church!


We are an Open & Affirming, Creation Justice congregation of the United Church of Christ (UCC) located in the heart of Addison County in Vermont’s beautiful Champlain Valley.

The Weybridge Congregational Church, located on Weybridge Hill, was formed in 1794 by an initial group of seven men and eight women, representing a diverse mix that included farmers, a doctor, miller, lawyer, tax collector, politician, Revolutionary War veteran, and a young explorer and linguist. Today we continue to carry on this tradition of a diverse and colorful gathering, as symbolized by the colorful stained glass windows that adorn our sanctuary (see the header image of this webpage).

Weybridge is a town of just under 900 situated between the Green Mountains and Lake Champlain. The social institutions of the town include the Weybridge Congregational Church,  the K-6 school, the Fire Department, and Monument Diary, a fourth-generation, fully integrated (cow to carton), regionally acclaimed dairy. Weybridge is also home to the Morgan Horse Farm, and is notable for its large population of Dutch Belted cows.

From the “Introduction” of History of Weybridge, Vermont, by Ida H. Washington:

“Weybridge is located to the east of Snake Mountain and is centered about the valley where the Lemon Fair River flows into Otter Creek. It is bounded by New Haven, Middlebury, Cornwall, Bridport, and Addison. Its 11,072 acres include a scenic variety of open fields and thick woods, level valley lands and mountain slopes.                                                                                                                                                                    Hidden in the central woods is Bittersweet Falls, where Beaver Brook tumbles some thirty feet over rocky ledge into quiet pools, forming an ice castle in winter, a foaming cascade in the spring, but hardly a trickle in the dry days of summer. Thundering torrents roar over major falls along Otter Creek on the eastern and northern boundaries of the town. Between Belden’s Falls and Huntington Falls, rapids offer a challenge to white water enthusiasts in a wild and beautiful setting, while between Huntington Falls and Lower Falls the creek spreads out into a placid lake where beavers build their houses in the shallows and fishermen drop their lines into the quiet waters.                                                    In the western part of the town the quieter waters of Lemon Fair invite flocks of birds to pause in their long spring and fall migrations. Otter and beaver along the river, deer and small animals in the woods, even an occasional bobcat and coyote on the slopes of Snake Mountain, share the Weybridge lands with the people who live there.” 

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