My soul magnifies the Lord.

This Advent, we have been on a journey in scripture through space and time. We began by thinking about the signs all around us that reveal God’s work in and through us. We then met John the Baptist, whom the gospel writer urges us to listen as the “voice crying out in the wilderness” to prepare the way for the Lord. We remembered that the message came not to the centers of power or to those who held that power but to a prophet in the wilderness. Next we followed a crowd out into that wilderness, curious about this prophetic message and this man claiming to be a servant of God. We heard John’s message of harsh words for those who hoard power and resources and who ignore the lowly, those he called a “brood of vipers.” To those who were being oppressed then and who are brought low now, however, this world-turning message was both revolutionary and welcome. As we moved through this arc in the gospel of Luke we read from the prophets alongside, each of whom prophesied at a time of great disruption and confusion for the Israelites. All of this, I hope, has worked together to show us that even and especially in times that are confusing, heartbreaking, and difficult, Emmanuel, God-with-us continually advents into our lives and into the world to do new things.  (Continue reading this sermon at

What then should we do?

12/12/2021 – Advent 3, Zephaniah 3:14-20, Luke 3:7-18 

This week we continue our Advent journey picking up in Luke’s gospel exactly where we left off last week with John the Baptist. We heard an introduction to John, whom Luke identifies as the prophetic “voice crying out in the wilderness” to prepare the way for the messiah, for one who will bring both the forgiveness of sins and an overturning of societal norms. To read this sermon go to

Christmas Poinsettias

Christina has kindly offered to order poinsettias again for our church.  They will be $8.79 each. Please provide your name, number of plants, color choice (it’s possible they’ll all end up being red), and if you plan to take them home on Christmas Eve. Deadline for getting this information to her is Sunday, December 5.

Fellowship Note from the Deacons

Out of an abundance of caution, due to the recent surge of COVID cases in Addison county and the increased potential of the virus spreading in the coming weeks after gathering with family and friends for Thanksgiving, the deacons have decided to put coffee hour on hold for the next several weeks. We will not have coffee hour through December 12. The deacons will meet on the 12th and reassess this decision going forward. This information has been reflected in the calendar below as well. Thanks for your understanding as we continue to navigate these challenging COVID waters!

A Surprising God

This Sunday we begin Advent, a time of preparation for the reminder, once again, that God is always doing new things among us. On Sunday you will be able to pick up your copy of A Surprising God, the Advent devotional that the Deacons and I invite you to read along with us. On the next four Thursday evenings (Dec 2, 9, 16, 23) from 5.30-6 I will be leading a Zoom time for checking in with one another and discussing themes and questions from that week’s devotions so far. If you would like the Zoom info, email me weybridgechurch@gmail.comAlso reach out if you are not able to be at worship this Sunday and would like to work out a way to get your devotional this week.


Pastor Caryne

Mountain Reflection – Deacon Nancy Spears

Mountains of the Bible #6 – Panorama of the Promised Land

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Mountains of the Bible #5 – Permanence & Impermanence

“The mountains melt like wax before the Lord.” – Psalm 97: 5

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Mountains of the Bible #4 – A Climbing History of Christ

Follow along with this week’s mountain sermon – Mountains of the Bible – A Climbing History of Christ.

“Sermon on the Mount X (after Claude), David Hockney, 2010

Mountains of the Bible #3 – Moses & Mount Sinai, Nan Shepherd & the Cairngorms

Follow along with our “Mountains of the Bible” series with this week’s sermon: Mountains of the Bible- The Living Mountain of God. This week we focus on the Mountains that shaped Moses’s life, as well as the Scottish mountain writer-philosopher-poet Nan Shepherd.