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Please support the Strengthen the Church Offering!

This special offering reflects the commitment of people across the United Church of Christ to cooperatively build up the Church. This offering is shared by our Vermont Conference and the national setting to support leadership development, new churches, youth ministry, and innovation in existing congregations.              

Here in Vermont, the conference is supporting a new church start, called Love Church. The recently ordained Rev. Lava Mueller, a hospice chaplain and member of Bethany UCC in Randolph, is the planting pastor. In her own words, this is how Lava sees Love Church: “Love Church is open for anyone (we are UCC after all!), but is especially geared toward attracting unchurched and younger members. Worship will include dinner/breakfast/pizza church (worshipping around a table), drama church, art church, music church, nature church, and oodles of workshops! Love Church will seek to support our unchurched friends as they discover the amazing grace that can be found in a worshipping community. The focus will be on the ever present Holy Spirit of Love and how we can offer this same love and support to our neighbors. A huge priority is to create an online presence and to make sure that people can attend the weekly dinner church worship services whether in person or not.  We begin in prayer, we end in prayer. In between, we have a lot of fun!”            

I think Pentecost is a great time for the Strengthen the Church offering! By generously supporting this offering, we are responding to God’s call to be the church in new ways. We really are helping to build up the Body of Christ. If giving by check, as always, make it out to the Weybridge Church, and write “Strengthen the Church” in the memo line.

~Dan Wright

Searching for our Pastor

The Pastor Search Committee has submitted its Church Profile to the Vermont Conference of the UCC and is actively considering candidates over the next few months.  If you have an interest, please go to:  and look for the Weybridge Congregational Church.

We Are Active!

We Are Active, Worshiping, and Celebrating Remotely – Join Us!

Sometimes we have our own “live” services and other times we join churches from across the country remotely.  We always gather by Zoom for fellowship, sharing, supporting, laughing and just plain catching up.  We have experienced many truly wonderful moments over these last few strange months.  And as hard as it’s been, we are thriving!  Please feel free to join us for any part of our Sunday celebrations.  To be placed on our weekly Sunday Service announcement and invite, please email

Mountain Reflection – Deacon Nancy Spears

Mountains of the Bible #6 – Panorama of the Promised Land

You can read the final sermon in our Mountains of the Bible series here – Mountains of the Bible – Panorama of the Promised Land


Mountains of the Bible #5 – Permanence & Impermanence

“The mountains melt like wax before the Lord.” – Psalm 97: 5

You can read this week’s Mountains sermon here…Mountains of the Bible – Permanence and Impermanence

Mountains of the Bible #4 – A Climbing History of Christ

Follow along with this week’s mountain sermon – Mountains of the Bible – A Climbing History of Christ.

“Sermon on the Mount X (after Claude), David Hockney, 2010

Mountains of the Bible #3 – Moses & Mount Sinai, Nan Shepherd & the Cairngorms

Follow along with our “Mountains of the Bible” series with this week’s sermon: Mountains of the Bible- The Living Mountain of God. This week we focus on the Mountains that shaped Moses’s life, as well as the Scottish mountain writer-philosopher-poet Nan Shepherd.

Mountains of the Bible #2 – Mount Abe

This week we continue with our Mountains of the Bible summer series. You can read this week’s essay/sermon here – Mountains of the Bible – Three Rules of Mountaineering.

Watch Craig Zondag offer this week’s Mountainside Meditation on Mt. Abe here:

Mountains of the Bible #1 – Mount Ararat & Snake Mountain

“and in the seventh month, on the seventeenth day of the month, the ark came to rest on the mountains of Ararat.”  Genesis 8: 4

Today we begin our “Mountains of the Bible” summer series. You can read the first sermon here:  Mountains of the Bible – Mount Ararat, Mother of the World. And below – a short “mountaintop meditation” from the top of Snake Mountain.