5th Sunday

From Pastor Caryne

Hello, Weybridge Church!

Last Sunday, we “Eastered” in so many different ways. Several of you helped decorate the altar and the front of the church with items that remind you of your connection to creation. I enjoyed hearing each of you share about what made your item special. Our choir blesses us every time they sing, but it felt like some special joy was present this last Sunday. And we all prayerfully made our Creation Care pledges: committing to awareness and action in recognition that the things we do to steward the Earth ripple outward. Last but not least, Nancy and Baird’s locavore fellowship hour featured treats from very close by, including apple scones baked by Baird. I left on Sunday feeling nourished and energized, both physically and spiritually. 

This week is our 5th Sunday of Service! Our worship will be in the form of service at the Addison County Parent Child Center in Middlebury. (There will be no service at the church building!) We will meet at the Center (126 Monroe Street) at 10am and wrap things up by noon (feel free to come for as long as you can). Hopefully, we’ll be able to dodge the rain and work on different yard and gardening projects: painting a shed, planting herbs, and starting some seeds. We will also have note cards available for writing notes of encouragement to the staff of the Center. Our Cornwall neighbors will join us for what I am sure will be a fun morning of worship looking different.

A reminder that Green Up/Clean Up Day is coming up on Saturday, May 6th! As we did last year, we are combining our church Clean Up Day with Vermont’s Green Up Day. We’ll meet at the church building at 9am and divide up tasks, both indoors and outdoors, to spruce things up. We will have a table out in front with refreshments for both Clean Uppers and Green Uppers. I’ve let Peggy Lyons know that we are happy for anyone from the community to stop by, say hello, and fuel up for greening. I had a lot of fun seeing all of the activity in and around the church last year, and I’m excited for that again this year.



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