A Successful Chicken Pie Supper! Thank you.

I’m taking nature’s invitation to begin to slow down, notice the details of the changing landscape, and embrace transition. What can I let go so that my focus can go where it’s needed? That is the question I’m keeping with me for now.

Thank you to everyone who helped make Chicken Pie Supper: Take-out and Tent Edition a success! I had so much fun joining a whole team of folks to do prep at the church on Monday night, and it was such a joy to welcome folks and meet so many folks as they picked up their food on Tuesday. We sold all 100 meals, and I even spotted a day-of request on Front Porch Forum from someone looking for any extra tickets that would go unused. Even with the chilly and breezy weather, there were some who ate under the tent! The fire pit from the Myhres’s house was a welcome way to warm up a bit for those of us who were outside. And, of course, the food was spectacular (thank you, Martha!!). I am grateful that we were able to try something new – never an easy thing – and I certainly came away feeling nourished by the company and the food. ~Peace, Pastor Caryne

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