CROP Walk, October 2

Addison County CROP Walk – October 2nd!

Afghanistan and Pakistan are a far cry from Weybridge, Vermont.  And the journey is much more than the actual distance.  The challenges and hardships are difficult to accurately imagine and certainly to relate to.  

What can we do?  

Fortunately, our friends and allies at Church World Services are doing the hard, grass roots, action-oriented work to make a difference.  CWS is one of the leading refugee resettlement agencies responsible for Afghans move to the U.S.  I had a recent conversation with a friend who works as an Afghan resettlement coordinator in New York – it is tireless work, but they are doing their best to answer the overwhelming need.  And, as we see photos of the deadly floods in Pakistan, one main word comes to mind: loss. Thousands of lives, entire communities and the livelihoods of millions have been lost to the raging waters.  CWS has hundreds of workers on the frontlines of disasters, many of which have been significantly intensified because of climate change.  

So, what can we do?  Few of us will be able to do the actual work done by CWS, but we can support it.  Please consider walking, fund raising or donating (or all three!) to this year’s CROP Walk effort.  

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